The Illustrated Journey to the Center of the Whole - Discover Your True Self

Whether we are 18 or 80, we all want to improve. It may be to get healthier, to kick a habit, to have more self control, to have better relationships, to become more productive or creative--to just simply become a better person. Whatever it is, it all starts from within.

Taking The Inner Journey

Within each of us, there is a core of values that determines how we act and makes us who we are; our center of being and action. This is where you determine what is right from wrong, good from evil. This storehouse of values is your soul. If you want to upgrade yourself, make improvements to your behavior that will make you a better person, the soul is where you do it.

Authorizing The Soul

To authorize the soul, one must allow the soul to make decisions. But first, one must listen to the soul. Many do not. The reason many do not listen to their souls is because they are too busy and too distracted. It takes a certain amount of being relaxed and not being hindered by the pressing problems of everyday living to access this inner core. Various forms of meditation are used to center oneself but many people find it difficult to practice it regularly. Those who do benefit from it immensely.

Self-Mastery Through Self-Creation

Now, with The Journey to the Center of the Whole, we have a psycho-spiritual device that can be used by anybody who can read to tap into the best part of themselves. By using visual images and memorable verse, we have something that takes you within minutes to that part of you that determines your actions.

Just your mind being conscious of your soul imprints neural pathways into your brain, making it easier to traverse that path. And the more you read the book, the more you set the path and cut grooves into your brain that over time turns into a well traveled road. With regular use, you will naturally and easily evolve the best part of yourself until you manifest the best of your being.

All that you are begins in your soul. Your soul is the center of your whole. Each time you read this book, you have a chance to evolve your soul and set your future.

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