Alien Angels

The Seraphic Transcripts

Based on actual experiences contacting beings

from another spiritual reality.


The Illustrated Journey

To The Center Of The Whole

A Psycho-Spiritual Device

To Affirm Your True Self.

Read this short book once a week to focus your life on what really matters. Tricked out with original photos and verse.


The Whole Universe Book

Navigating Time, Space and Spirit

With The Awesome Human Vehicle

The book that brings it all together: the material and the spiritual, the part and the whole, science and religion, eternal life, self-mastery, fractals, the Golden Rule and the Golden Ratio, Gaia, extra-terrestrials, God and the purpose of existence. 2nd Edition



The Gentle Art of Well-Being

Learn how to exercise your autonomic nervous system. Activate your natural system of health for an optimum life.



The Seven Circles

A Spiritual Science Fiction

What happens when an atheist  is taken to a time when spirituality is a scientifically proven fact?



The Tao of God

A Restatement of The Tao Te Ching

A new twist of the old wisdom with added insights.