We are all creators! We all have a spark of the creative spirit within.

We can use this power for health, intelligence and fulfillment.

However, many people do not know how to tap into this source of boundless potential.

Their creativity is  repressed and stunted.


How Creativity Is Stifled


1. Repression of the body’s natural, creative energies

2. Through mental conditioning by society and false information

3. By having a muddled connection with the Creator Source




Remove the Blockage. Become Aware of your Creative Powers. Manifest who You Truly Are!


Even those who are naturally creative can become even more creative.

Experience the following programs and optimize your life.



Dance With

The Creative Spirit

Empower Your Creativity


Enhance the Creativity

of your body with:


(pronounced cuts-gain)

This is an amazing method invented by a Japanese healer that brings back your  natural creative movements for optimum health and well-being. Remove unwanted conditioning and robotic behavior by exercising the autonomic nervous system.

Learn to physically change the negative into the positive, Discover your chi. For more info, go to www.thegentleartofwellbeing.com




Realize Your Part in the Universe


Empower the Creativity of your mind:


Know who you really are. Find out what part you play in the universal plan. Learn how to navigate your path using positive thinking, affirmations, uplifting prayer and meditation. Harmonize the material and the spiritual. Gain a logical understanding of the physical and spiritual universe.






Find the Source of All


Express the Creativity of your soul:


Learn to release and let go of your self-centeredness. Become one with All and yet retain your individuality. Have a one-to-one personal relationship with the Creator. Find out how to tap into infinite love and creativity. Discover why you are here. For a taste, go to:






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$75.00 for each one hour session

($25 per additional person)


For all three sessions:

$200 per person ($60 addnl)