Alien Angels - Conversation With Spiritual Beings

     Believing in angels is unreasonable, unrealistic and a fantasy. And yet, many intelligent people believe that they exist. They may not believe in trolls, elves, fairies, unicorns and other mythical beings but they believe that angels exist. Why? What is it about these beings that make people want to believe that they are real?

     I never even accepted the possibility that they exist until I stumbled upon another perspective; of looking at reality with a different mindset. By redefining our concepts of life itself.

     Through my meditations I began to get a perspective that was unprecedented. Using this perspective, I playfully experimented communicating with these beings by talking to them internally, with cosmic open mindedness.

     I got an answer. Not just any answer, but insights into reality that I could not find anywhere else.
Alien Angels is an account of this experience. It is artistic and based on factual occurrences. The nature of the reality I speak of cannot be explained fully using linear intellectual logic so I have used artistic license to express the nature of this reality.

Alien Angels: The Seraphic Transcripts by Richard S. Omura

"We are real. You are not imagining us. Are we angels or aliens? Both and neither," the being replied. "We are angels in that we are spiritual beings that assist humans to develop in their spiritual growth, but we are not dead people nor are we mystical beings with feathered wings.
"In the past when humans had a chance to perceive our presence, a rare occasion, they invariably called us angels," another being added. "We are also aliens in that we are not of planet Earth. We hail from an extra-terrestrial origin. We are a different life-form, a life-form that does not fit in with your preconceptions or definitions of what life is. We live and function in a reality that is all around you but which most of you cannot perceive or conceive of yet."
"You can call it a dimension if you want, but if spiritual reality is a dimension, then love is a dimension. The reality that we seraphim live in is the true reality of much of the universe. It is a reality based on quality, rather than quantity. And like love, you cannot physically see its quality, you must feel it with your soul."
The first being continued, "The fact is, since we are not of flesh and blood, and not evolved from animals, our form is alien to you. But we are not alien in that we are not disenfranchised from you. In the spiritual universe, no one is an alien. Everyone belongs to the universal family. We are friendly and we share with you many of the universal values of truth, beauty and good, as we are all universal children of the same Father. Think of it like this: Some human parents and siblings interact with unborn babies still in the womb. They sing to them, talk to them and bond with them before the baby enters the real world. That is what we do. We are your spiritual siblings preparing your soul for cosmic birth."

More excerpts:

Then, I had a frightening thought. The idea came to me after watching an old episode of my favorite sci-fi TV program, Star Trek Voyager. In the episode, the ship is taken over by aliens who are much more scientifically advanced and the crew is subjected to experiments that they are not aware of, as the aliens can operate invisibly around the humans as they go about their daily activities. What if we're in a similar situation?
What if the angels are more alien than we think? What if they are merely a different life form that is using us, experimenting on us, or doing whatever they want to suit their agenda? Who is to say that they are totally benign? If they have their own agendas, they would want us to think that they are God's messengers. We have had similar situations in our past history. Some historians say the Aztecs thought that Cortez and his conquistadors were Gods, which led to the destruction of their empire. Is this what is really going on?
These were unsettling thoughts. I couldn't wait to address them directly to the seraphim.


SOLONIA: We've watched you. You, personally, over the years and although you are not a violent person, we have seen streaks of violence in you, when you get angry and resentful. In your younger days, we have seen you get into fights, a normal behavior for kids in your society. You have not done so for many, many years, and we don't think you will resort to that again, but you still enjoy watching violent war and action films. We can feel your enjoyment when you watch a martial arts fight or a violent sporting event. And yet we know that you are at heart, a peaceful man. It is a paradox that we are trying to understand.

Me: Yeah, I don't understand it myself, except I know that a lot of it is biological. You know, it's what we needed to do to survive.

NARVON: Yes, but tell us, not what you think about it, but how do you feel inside? What do you enjoy about watching violent activity toward your fellow humans?

I had to sit back and reflect on it. Why do I enjoy those things? What is so enjoyable about watching someone get punched around in the ring until he's half dead? War movies where soldiers get machine gunned and blown up? Why do I get off on that? And why is that normal? Really. Everyone is into it, even women. Fighting and killing are almost synonymous with manhood, and women love men who kick ass. Do we live in a sick world? Or is it just our biological survival mechanisms that we indulge in? Can't we get over those savage tendencies as a race, the human race?


Me: Love? Is it possible for Corto to know love? Is there a love chip that you can embed in a robot? And would that turn a material, mechanical being into a real person?

NARVON: Humans can be co-creators. You create art. Whenever you do that, you are putting love into a material object.
SOLONIA: You are imbuing a thing with a value. You are permeating a material object with inspiration.
NARVON: So, in the same way, if a mechanical being such as Corto was injected with love, it would become a work of art.

       That sent chills down my spine. I saw myself as what I really am, a material being imbued with love by the Source.

Me: Oh, my God! That's us! Humans are God's artwork!

NARVON: Yes! But you are more than that.
SOLONIA: The self-awareness function together with love from the Source enables you to actually evolve into another type of being, one that is no longer material.
NARVON: Once you connect to the Source on a regular basis, you can begin to co-create your true self, and this true self is not just the artwork of the universe's intelligence, but a loving child of God. You become part of the universe family.