The Earth Monitor Project is not about just saving the Earth, repairing a broken planet, fixing the environment, or stopping climate change, although those things will happen as a side effect. It is not about taking either side on environmental, political or economic issues. It is about finding the true state of things on this Earth. It is recognizing who we are as human beings and what part we play on Earth.


The Earth Monitor is an advanced electronic planetary monitoring device that is interfaced with a computer system that can be fed current and past data and the results used to extrapolate a future scenario and displayed on a 360 degree LED globe monitor. The display would combine real-time video of Earth along with stills and graphical data from sources such as DSCOVR, Google Earth and the public. The hardware is the globe, which can be of any size (Initially, I see 16 inches to 10+ feet in diameter) and available to everyone, with streaming data from a central server via the internet. The software is the data-integrating, future-scenario extrapolating Artificial Intelligence that is more than a search engine. It would take verbal commands and use old, near real-time, and live data to project the current state of our environment as well as to project future scenarios for weather, economic trends, pollution, population, and other aspects of life on Earth. Just imagine! A ten foot diameter globe, the blue ocean glistening, the clouds swirling, lit up from the inside, with near real time images and data. Or a smaller virtual Earth in your living room that talks and gives us pertinent information about what is going on globally. Display panels would enable zooming in. News clips, stills and graphics all pertaining to the condition of the Earth would be accessible by touch screen and verbal commands. Social media would also be accessible. The technological impact would be staggering but that is only half the picture. The other half is that The Earth Monitor will make us aware on a deep emotional level that we are all part of a living organism, our bigger self: The Earth.


We, humans, are not yet united in awareness of this fact and have not yet formed a mind that values our bigger self, the world, over everything else. And this is crucial to our planetary health, prosperity, peace and self-development. It is supremely important that humans realize what part we play in this planetary organism. Unlike a rock, or a tree or the air, I am a thinking, feeling, cognitive part of the Earth and have the power to determine what happens to this planet. Humans are like brain cells in the global entity. We have the ability to manipulate the state of our planet for good or for bad. Once we realize who we are, and relate to the planet as our bigger self, and begin to love everyone and everything about the Earth, we will do what is right just out of self-love and self-preservation. But it all starts from awareness of our relationship with the planet and this is where the Earth Monitor comes in. Becoming aware of ourselves as part of a living Earth entity is very important. This awareness is vital and absolutely necessary for Earth’s well-being, sentience and development. Here are the facts:


1. Our bodies are made up of the same things as the planet. We are constantly being recycled by the environment. Even as I write this, gasses and microscopic material is being exchanged by our bodies with the environment. We are not separate from the environment. These are facts that can be validated by science and by our common sense of perception. Literally, we are the Earth.


2. We are different from the rest of the things the make up the environment, such as animals, rocks, trees, bugs, air, etc. We, human beings, have the ability to change the environment in a big way. Some people still don’t believe that humans can impact such a big world. A photo of the night sky of Earth from space when it is relatively cloudless is better than a thousand words. If we can light up the Earth like a Christmas tree…


3. We, humans, are sentient, conscious beings with volition and will. We are an integral and intrinsic part of the Earth. I am the Earth as much as the cell in my finger is me. We, humans, are the cognitive parts of the Earth organism. We are the thinking, thought processing, creative, and self-aware part of the Earth.


Humans are living, conscious beings, and we are an intrinsic part of the Earth, therefore logically, Earth itself is a living, conscious being.


If we, human beings, can become aware of the Earth as our bigger self, like the cells in your body are aware of the bigger you, the one universal moral imperative would be to do everything for the bigger self and we would get along much better and the world would be in a much better state.  By recognizing that Earth is our bigger self, we can be selfish and still do good for all. The Earth Monitor will be the mirror of our bigger self that we can see every day. By seeing a living representation of our bigger self on a regular basis, we will develop a heightened sense of who we are and our individual part in the whole. We will develop a sense of community that will encompass the globe. A general sense of belonging will pervade the planet.


The world’s problems such as war, crime, racial strife, poverty and threat of mass extinction have all as their root cause competition and struggle to be on the top of the heap. It was necessary to build our current civilization but now, the competitive urge is becoming destructive. But we’ve been doing it for so long, it has become a habit, this need to get more and more stuff, that it’s hard to quit. It’s going to require a sea-change in the way people think. Cooperation, unity and wholeness will be the new world standards of morality.   It’s not going to happen overnight, but we can plant the seed now. The Earth Monitor is the seed.