The Seven Circles

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The Seven Circles
A Spiritual Science Fiction
By Richard S. Omura

      Much of the concepts and cosmology in The Seven Circles are from The Urantia Book.The Urantia Book is a 2,097 page tome with an abundance of fascinating ideas, many that are new, revolutionary and quite incredible. It is a b ook that smoothly integrates science, philosophy and religion in their relationship to the history of our planet and the origin, purpose and destiny of  each individual as well as the entire universe. A thorough understanding of it requires decades of re-reading, study, discussion and a willingness to apply its teachings in our lives.
       My purpose for writing
The Seven Circles was twofold. One was to present some of the insights I had regarding the teachings in The Urantia Book which I had studied, pondered and tried to live for the past twenty some years. My other purpose was to introduce the concepts of this marvelous book to many who had not heard about it, had not read it, or perhaps had no intention of reading it. Even if my novel does not encourage someone to read The Urantia Book, if it makes that person think about the ideas, values and teachings in it, that by itself would be a worthwhile endeavor, I felt.
The Seven Circles is fiction, there are many truths in it, along with much that is verifiable fact. The current information about nano-technology, some of the data on Mars, and the self-healing technique of Katsugen are factual. And a few of the events that occurred in reference to TR  or "transmitting/receiving" actually took place.
       Truth is often best expressed as a metaphor or an analogy, as is done in parables. This story is a long parable of sorts. I hope that in reading it, you will get from it much food for thought as well as enjoyment.
                                                                               - Richard S. Omura

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