The Seven Circles - A Novel of Spiritual Exploration

The Seven Circles
A Spiritual Science Fiction
By Richard S. Omura

A story encompassing science, philosophy and religion and using the science fiction genre as a vehicle, The Seven Circles is the account of a 20th century man who is cryonically frozen and is awoken in the 500th century when spiritual reality has been proven to be real.  This future world is the Era of Light and Life, a time when mankind has evolved to a higher state. William Drake, the protagonist from the 20th century, finds that his entire view of existence has been turned upside down.  Spiritual reality being accepted as fact by all, he comes to realize that his values are completely irrelevant and that his competitive attitude gained through living in the 20th century dog-eat-dog environment is a barbaric anachronism.
That being the case, he is surprised to find that his company is desired by many just for the reason that his, by comparison, savage qualities are rare and gives the people the opportunity to "turn the other cheek" when faced with his behavior and thereby gain spiritual growth from the experience.
The downside is that he is not allowed complete freedom until he has progressed in his own spirituality by conquering the Seven Circles of self-mastery within his own heart - a daunting challenge for an atheist.
Written in the first person, the narrative of William Drake tells of his falling in love with the person who had revived him, Sheila, and of his own spiritual uplift and downfall as he encounters a myriad of personalities, spiritual and human, and undergoes transforming experiences that make his soul evolve in cosmic growth.

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